Do you like coming up with interesting story angles?

Do you really enjoy getting attention for cool ideas?

Are you tired of doing media work that is boring and awful, and want to move up?

If this sounds like you, we've got your perfect job.

We call this role “Head of Author Marketing”, but it's not a conventional marketing role. It's more of a combination of marketing, PR, storytelling, copywriting (and even in a weird sense, sales), and it is the perfect job for a hustler looking for a chance to run their own thing.

Here’s how it works:

Once an author finishes their book with us, you will take over. You'll figure out the story angles around their book that are most compelling to their audience. You'll craft those angles into a few really cool stories, and then be in charge of getting them into the right media. You'll write up the pitch, and then pitch it to the right places.

For example, if the book is about how to automate business processes, then you'll be in charge of coming up with some cool angles, crafting the story and the pitch, and then getting the story covered in media that cares about how to automate business processes.

We don't approach pitching like most places. This is NOT spray and pray. You're also going to be in charge of building relationships with writers and journalists and niche media people. We only want to pitch to places that we are confident will want the story, so you've got to be very well versed in media, and know where to pitch and where not to.

This will be a fast-paced job, with a LOT of responsibilities. You will:

  • Work with our authors to create story angles from their existing books

  • Craft email and phone pitches, both for yourself and for freelancers

  • Write compelling headlines for blog posts or emails

  • Build relationships with journalists, and understand what stories they want to hear

  • Find new and relevant niche media outlets to pitch stories to

  • Oversee new content creation (both ideation and writing)

  • Build relationships with authors and ensuring we deliver on their goals

  • Manage entire book launches

The best part: You won't just be out there on your own. You are going to train directly under world-class storytellers and marketers (like Tucker Max, Zach Obront, and Charlie Hoehn). And you're going to have a whole company and army of freelancers to support you.

This is the perfect job for someone who has some experience in the media and marketing world, but really wants to take the next step in their career.

This job can be the career launching pad for a serious hustler.

If you can nail this, you're probably pretty awesome, which brings us to an important question:

Why should you work with us?

We’re Book in a Box, and we’ve created a new way for people to write and publish a book. Instead of spending years at a computer typing out a book, and then being frustrated by the confusing and arcane book publishing process, we do all the difficult and frustrating work for the author to help them turn their ideas into a book in 6 months.

All the author does is spend about 20 hours on the phone with us. We discuss their ideas and position them into a complete book outline, the systematically interview them, transcribe those interviews, and edit those transcriptions into a book. Unlike ghostwriting, this is entirely their ideas, in their words and their voice. We do not add content.

This video describes our process pretty well ( You can see some press about us here (

You can see some of the impact we’ve had on authors in this story (, and this one (, and this one (

And you can see some of the books we’ve already published (including many bestsellers) here. (

Why our mission matters

Our company started because a frustrated entrepreneur wanted to put all of her incredible knowledge and ideas into a book, but didn’t have the time to write it or the patience to deal with the frustrating publishing process. So we solved her problem. The whole origin story is here. (

Her book became an amazing success for her, and we realized the world was full of these people–smart people who should write a book, but don’t.

They just want a solution to their problem–and that’s why Book In A Box exists: we are the best way for professionals to turn their ideas and knowledge into books that help the world.

Our process has worked for hundreds of authors already (, and we are growing fast. Our ultimate goal is to be the default publishing option for professionals, and if we do that, we’ll help create thousands of books that would never have otherwise existed.

That’s really exciting to us. Here is our co-founder talking about why this is so important (

You In? Awesome, here are the details:


  • Austin, TX (or willing to relocate)

Type of Employment

  • Full Time

Necessary Skills & Qualifications

Here is the list of skills we believe are necessary for this job. Most importantly, we are hiring based on careful balance of relevant experience, cultural fit, and motivation:

  • Some Media Experience: This is NOT an entry level position. You must have some experience in some sort of related media field. Anything that overlaps will work: Marketing, Journalism, Blogging, Advertising, PR, Copy-writing, things like that. For this role, we really love the "jack of all trades" types.

  • Good Storyteller: If you cannot condense a lot of information to the essential story, if you aren't really good at "finding what matters" then this job is not right for you. But, if you are really good at answering the "why does this matter" question that must be asked of all marketing, then you're right for this.

  • You Have Emotional & Social Intelligence: A big part of this job will require high emotional and social intelligence. You must be able to understand and relate with people, feel their motivations, and genuinely care about helping them. This is not a loner, do-it-yourself-with-no-help, job. You will not only be managing a lot of freelancers, but you will also be developing a LOT of on-going relationships with a ton of people in all sorts of media. You need to really thrive on interacting with people, and be good at it, to be good at this job.

  • You Like Relationships w/Journalists And Media: I know, but we're serious--a huge part of this job is knowing lots of different writers and journalists and what stories they want. We don't want you wasting time or energy pitching 100 people; if you know them well, you should be pitching the 5 right ones.

  • You Are Organized & Task Oriented: This needs to be stated: even though most of your time will be spent talking to people or dealing with people, this is not a job for someone who is sloppy with details. You will be running a department--this means overseeing freelancers, dealing with authors, and knowing journalists and media. You have to be able to get things done, and not lose track of things.

  • You Are Self-Motivated And Get Shit Done: We don't want someone who has to be constantly managed. If you only work well with someone telling you what to do--DO NOT APPLY. You must be very self-motivated. There are no lifestyle roles here. We all work very hard every day, because we care about our mission, and what we do matters to us and other people. Authors rely on you.
    NOTE: Hard work does not mean endless hours. It only means results. There is no coasting and no hiding here and you will be held accountable for achieving real results. If that doesn't excite you, this is the wrong tribe for you.

Salary & Benefits

  • Competitive Pay: 55k to 70k (experience dependent)
    NOTE: That's not all you make. All tribe members are entitled to FULL profit sharing. When we say "profit sharing" we don't mean the BS "here's a tiny piece of equity that might be worth something in 10 years." We're already a profitable company, and 25% of the company profit goes to the employees. So every time we take profit distribution (usually 4 times a year), you get a share of those actual profits. In most years, the profit sharing totals about 25-50% more than your base salary (e.g., if your base salary is 50k, your effective salary could be up to 75k in a good year).

  • Access To Full Benefits: Instead of spending our money on ping pong tables and beanbag chairs, we give you access to complete health care coverage, dental, life insurance, 401k matching, and pretty much everything else you could ever want.

  • Be Part Of A Tribe: Yes, every company says they take culture seriously...and most are full of crap. We don't talk about our culture, and then ignore it in action--we live our mission every day, and we have a pretty awesome culture that derives from our values and principles that we live by as a tribe (you should check it out, because this is the operating system for our tribe, and everyone in our company lives the values and principles outlined in this doc) (

  • Freedom: You can work from home, work while you travel, work in our office, make your own hours--we don't care. You can wear a three piece suit (like our CEO) or gym clothes (like our founders) or anything else--we don't care. We only care that you have reliable phone and internet connections and that you do your job well.

  • Make A Real Impact: We are a small start-up (still under 20 full time tribe members) and you will be a major part of our team, and help shape our growth. Not only that, you won't just impact the company, you'll impact the world. Books are one of the very best ways to influence other people and change the way they think--and you'll be helping to make them a reality.

  • Fun & Fast-Paced Work: We don’t have boring days. Some are hectic, some are hard, some are incredibly rewarding...but they are never boring and never exactly the same. That's what happens when you're solving real problems for people.

  • Meet Interesting People: You're not just working on any books. Past authors include major company CEOs, famous entrepreneurs, professional athletes, and people with amazing personal stories. These are books people read and use.

Ready to apply?

Click below! Applications will be accepted until Friday, March 3rd, at 11:59pm CT.

Bonus: If you aren’t right for the job, but you know the perfect person, send them this job description.

If we hire them, we’ll give you a $5k bonus.

Totally serious--every person we hire, we find out who referred them to us, and we pay the bonus to the referrer. That could be you.