Copyeditors at Book In A Box are responsible for ensuring each manuscript is polished, clean, and well-written. Book In A Box editors produce manuscripts from transcripts of oral interviews with the author. Editors are expected to craft the words into the structure, flow, and style of a book. The copyeditor acts as the safety net to ensure there are no remnants of spoken language and that all copy is polished and structurally sound.

The copyeditor has broad leeway to fix copy while retaining the author’s voice, with the objective of creating a manuscript that (a) we are proud to present to the author; (b) accomplishes the author’s stated goals; (c) captures the author’s voice insofar as reflecting the way the author wants to be perceived. Copyeditors refer to the book’s positioning document and outline to assist in this task.

Responsibilities include:
- Spelling, grammar, punctuation, and syntax
- Tense consistency
- Readability: structure, flow, and internal consistency
- Correcting confusing prose
- Fact-checking: Confirm basic information on proper nouns, titles, etc.; confirm historical accuracy; confirm any citations
- Global changes, as needed

We are looking for full-time editing professionals who have:
- At least five years of consistent, paid editing experience
- Worked directly with book publishers
- Extensive working knowledge of Chicago Manual of Style, 16th edition (extra points if you sleep with it next to your bed)

We follow Chicago Manual of Style 16th Edition and Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary 11th Edition.

You generally have 4-7 days to complete a copyediting job. We pay $35 / hour.