We need book indexers.

This is one of the more specific roles we're hiring at the moment, and if you're not sure if you have the necessary qualifications, you probably don't. To which we say: apply for one of our other open roles!

If you're an experienced book indexer, keep reading.

The books we produce at BIAB average 30,000 words and are exclusively nonfiction. We need talented and efficient book indexers to take on projects on an as-needed basis.

This role will pay $3-4 per page, depending on book complexity.

Why would you want to work with us?

First off, you’ll enjoy this work.

You’ll work with and learn from world-class people, build awesome relationships, and help them create important books. The authors you work with are serious, experienced professionals, many of whom have done amazing things in their lives.

The best part is that our process is designed so you only spend time on the things you like about indexing. This means you are NOT spending any time on the crappy parts of freelancing, like finding clients, negotiating pay and scope of work, getting them to pay you, endless revisions, etc.

But there’s more to it than that just the work itself. You get to be part of something new, something we think can truly make the world a better place (through books). To understand, here’s a little about us:

About Book In A Box

We’re Book in a Box, and we created a new way for people to write and publish a book. What we do is simple:

We take people from book idea to published book—as a service. All they have to do is spend about 15 hours on the phone with us, talking about their ideas. We do everything else necessary, and in about five months, their book is finished–their ideas, in their words and their voice.

Our company started because a frustrated entrepreneur wanted to put all of her incredible knowledge and ideas into a book, but didn’t have the time to write it or the patience to deal with the frustrating publishing process. So we solved her problem.

Her book became an amazing success for her, and we built a company out of the solution. The whole origin story is here. (www.linkedin.com/pulse/20141118152523-205984021-my-start-up-made-200k-in-it-s-first-two-months-and-i-m-embarrassed)

We realized the world was full of these people—smart people who should write a book, but don’t.

They just want a solution to their problem—and that’s why Book In A Box exists: we are the best way for professionals to turn their ideas and knowledge into books that help the world.

Our process has worked for hundreds of authors already, and we are growing fast. Our ultimate goal is to be the default publishing option for professionals, and if we do that, we’ll help create books that not only change the world—but that would never have otherwise existed.

That’s really exciting to us.

Make A Meaningful Impact On The World

Books have a unique capacity to change the way people think, and to change the world. But you already know this. Your love of books is probably what made you want to be an editor.

Well, with us, you’ll be working closely with some of the best and brightest in a wide range of fields, and contributing to the marketplace of ideas with new and important books. Not every book we work on is life-changing, but some are, and you will have the primary role in bringing them into existence.

Totally Flexible & No Bullshit

We’re a remote, results-oriented company. All that we care about is that you have a reliable phone and internet connection, and that the author is happy with the results of your work. If all of that is on-point, we’ll never bother you about any other nonsense.

And remember: we do all the bullshit that comes with client work; contracts, collecting pay, dealing with late payments, etc. All you do is your work, and then you get paid (like it should be).

Meet Fun And Interesting People

You will do books with all kinds of different people, most of whom are pretty amazing. Past authors include major company CEOs, famous entrepreneurs, professional athletes, and people with incredible personal stories.

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